Where Meadows and Gardens Grow - Book by Jo Butcher

The Embroidery of Jo Butcher

A sun-kissed meadow. A woodland walk in dappled shade. A tranquil garden filled with flowers. Venture where meadows & gardens grow as embroidery artist Jo Butcher reveals the magic of her picture-perfect stitching. Re-create the wonder and beauty of twelve picturesque scenes, as you join Jo on her journey to capture the realism of nature using her trademark layering technique, combining a simple watercolour wash, a handful of embroidery stitches and a palette of the prettiest colours. So beautiful. Sew Jo Butcher.


Seascape The water greets the sky surrounded by cow parsley, daisies and a scattering of tiny flowers.

Hollyhocks Elegant spires, in shades of dusky pink and soft green, stretch towards the sky.

Bluebells Under the Birches A carpet of pure, blue flowers spreads beneath a canopy of birch leaves.

Topiary in the Border Perfect topiary spheres rise above a colourful sea of iris, geum, verbena and echinacea flowers.

Amongst the Daisies A field of fresh, white daisies, some crowned with a golden eye, spread beneath the sun.

Irises Rich, velvety petals of the purple iris rise above a sea of sword-like leaves.

Cottage Garden Swathes of flowers, large and small, meld together in perfect harmony.

Alliums and Topiary Globes of purple allium flowers echo the neatly clipped sphere of a topiary ball.

Silver Birches Graceful trunks of ghostly white rise through a woodland garden of ferns and cow parsley.

Foxgloves In every shade of pink, proud foxgloves stand sentinel over their garden companions.

Cow Parsley The delicate lace of white cow parsley flowers decorates a field of wheat.

Poppies and Cornflowers Papery, pink skirts of poppy flowers twirl amongst the cornflowers.

140 pages, tear-out pattern sheet

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