My name is Mary-Anne Tiller, I own a small embroidery shop, A Stitch in Time, situated in Sandy Bay a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania. Tasmania is the southern most, island state of Australia (the Heart hanging off the south east corner of the 'big' island).  We pride ourselves in stocking the very best in fine embroidery supplies.

I have been stitching in one form or another since I was about 8yo. Embroidery & textiles are my passion, embroidery threads have proven to be an addiction.  Owning a local needlework shop (LNS) has enabled to me to share this passion/addiction with others.  Now with a newly designed web shop I hope to extend this to all stitchers.


Recent Articles

Christmas 2018/New Year 2019
December 06, 2018

Hi Everyone,  just to let you know that we will be closing at 4:00pm Friday 21 December and re-opening Tuesday 8th January at 10:00am. I wish all you, my lovely customers, a wonderful Holiday Season.  May you all keep safe...

December 19, 2017

Our Annual Christmas Summer Holiday will begin a 4:00pm Wednesday 20 December and finish at 10:00am Wednesday 3 January 2018.The bricks and mortar shop will be shut and any Online orders after 19 December won't ship until 3 January 2018.I'm...

December 21, 2016

Sassy, Oscar & I will be taking our ANNUAL HOLIDAY from 5:00pm Wednesday 21 December and coming back at 10:00am Wednesday 4 January 2017.  Both the bricks & mortar and the Online stores will closed for that period. We would...

Guess what I found!
April 09, 2014

Guess what I found this afternoon....the floor behind my desk!It may seem to be a strange thing to celebrate, but I just haven't been able to get on top of the incoming stock for what has seemed months.  Mostly because...