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Evertite Slimline Tensioning Stretcher Bars

Evertite Slimline Tensioning Stretcher Bars

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Evertites are designed to give a taut working surface. It accomplishes this when the bolts that you see positioned on the outer surface of the bar push on the bar in front of it. After attaching a canvas as you normally would there always seems to be a little slack in the canvas. Just turn the bolts to apply pressure and the bars are pushed apart to make the surface taut. As you work on a project it seems to loosen up some, so again just turn the bolts to keep the surface firm. If it is necessary to set a project aside for a while you can retract the bolts to relax the surface and then re-tighten later. You can also slacken the canvas enough to do bullion knots. 

USEFUL HINT - don't forget to loosen all the bolts when your project is finished - then the bars will be reset and ready when you come to re-use them. 

Picture 1.   This shows a frame made up - it requires TWO pairs of bars. So for a 14" x 18" frame you need one pair of 14" and one pair of 18" bars. Note that each of the sides also has the center marked.

Picture 2.   This picture of the end of an Evertite bar shows the bolts which provide the tension adjustment.

Picture 3.   This shows the T-tool in use (can be purchased separately as can the tacks)  Strictly speaking, once you have purchased one T-tool you don't need to purchase another. However, some Stitchers have told us that they like a few extra to keep one with each project folder/bag.

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