Red Letter Day - Cross Stitch Book by Shakespeare's Peddler

Note from the designer Theresa Venette

I am so proud of this book! The culmination of a year of effort, this book includes 5 reproduction sampler graphs and one supplemental project, articles and thoughts about the samplers included and other sampler topics, and LOTS of eye candy.

Printed by Boelte-Hall in Kansas (they print the Blackbird Designs books), this 36-page book is in full color head-to-toe and is sure to set you dreaming. All samplers featured are in my personal collection. Thanks go out to Kathy Krause and Jennifer Regan who helped by stitching models, to Neblett's frame shop in Hattiesburg, Jim and his crew at Boelte-Hall, and to Nicola Parkman for the book title idea.

Emma Loper 1849 stitch count: 326 x 260

Anna Legoyer stitch count: 130 x 88

Maggie Walsh 1880 stitch count: 155 x 196

Anonymous (French) stitch count: 199 x 133

Hedwig Kindler 1905-1906 stitch count: 172 x 171

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