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Anna Scott Embroidery

Raised Embroidery Kit - PERSIAN BOUNTY

Raised Embroidery Kit - PERSIAN BOUNTY

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Persian Bounty is a good project if you are comfortable with general embroidery stitches and have a little experience with Raised Embroidery.

I was inspired by traditional Elizabethan embroidery designs for this piece of Raised Embroidery of plump, ripe pomegranates, split open with ruby red seeds spilling out. A delicate dragonfly is dancing among branches, while a tiny caterpillar counts her way along the stem.

Persian Bounty is embroidered onto mushroom silk fabric using stranded silks, fine metallic threads and glass beads. The pomegranates are embroidered separately, before being stitched in place over layers of felt padding and filled to the brim with ruby-red glass beads. Detached, wired leaves and needle-woven picot petals add dimension to the flowers & foliage. The dragonfly’s delicate wings are stitched onto shimmery organza with fine gold thread and fine gilt wire form the glittering body.

The detailed instructions and diagrams will help guide you step by step through the project.

The embroidery design measures 11cm x 10cm wide (4 3/8” x 4”)


* INSTRUCTION BOOKLET with detailed, step-by-step instructions and diagrams

* Full size patterns & templates for the detached elements

* Mushroom silk dupion with the embroidery design marked, ready to stitch

* Quilter’s muslin backing fabric

* 2 pieces of cotton homespun

* Organza and crystal organdy

* Wool felt

* 1 shaded stranded silks

* 14 stranded silk threads

* Fine metallic thread

* Gilt pearl purl

* Fine machine embroidery thread

* Beading wire

* Glass seed beads

* Beading wire

* 6 needles

* Fusible applique paper

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