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Quaker Sampling VI - Cross Stitch Pattern by Ellen Chester

Quaker Sampling VI - Cross Stitch Pattern by Ellen Chester

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This little Quaker sampler can be attached to an antique wooden bobbin, framed, or made into a pillow. Perhaps you have other ideas.

Charts are included for three different sampler versions of various dimensions. Antique bobbins vary in size, so instructions guide you to match one of the charts with fabric of the necessary thread count so that your sampler will fit your bobbin. (The bobbin used on the model is 8 inches tall. The bobbin barrel (rod) is 7 inches long and has a circumference of 5-3/8 inches, but bobbins of other dimensions can be used.)

You can use either linen or Aida if you are making a framed sampler or a pillow, but I recommend using linen if you want to attach your sampler to a bobbin. The model was stitched on 36-count Meadow Rue linen from Lakeside Linens & Designs, Inc. using silk thread 505 from Needlepoint, Inc. A DMC substitution is given.

Stitch Counts:
Bobbin Version 1 is 95 wide x 120 high
Bobbin Version 2 is 87 wide x 120 high
Bobbin Version 3 is 87 wide x 104 high

Stitches Used: cross stitch and four-sided (optional). If attaching your sampler to a bobbin, you will also use eyelet and nun’s stitches.

Stitch diagrams, detailed stitching directions, and bobbin assembly directions are provided.

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