Nutcracker Village - Part 3 - Chinese Tea Room

The Nutcracker Village series consists of 11 designs that will be released consecutively for 11 months. 

stitch count of 59  x 71 

If the entire series is stitched together, as I show, it has a stitch count of 236w x 217h.  Also, if you are stitching the series together, as I show, you will stitch each row of blocks together with no spaces in between, but leave 2 stitches between each of the horizontal rows. 

The fabric used for the models is Zweigart’s 32 count Raw/Silver Linen.  The designs also use the same threads throughout.  If all of the designs are stitched, a total of this many skeins of floss will be needed:

Classic Colorworks Snowball (7), Little Sprout (3), Rain Shower (3), Blushing Beauty (3), Wagon Wheel (3), Sugar Plum (2), Hazelnut (2), Grasshopper (2), Finley Gold (1), Cherry Tomato (1). One each of DMC 647, 754, 3064, and 3371. 

DMC alternatives for the Classic Colorworks threads for this chart:

754, 647, 3371, B5200, 761, 3364, 3362, 3328, 3761, 743, 3836, 869

If you would prefer to stitch on Aida, Lambswool in 16 count is available

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