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Morgan Hoops

No-Slip Lapstands

No-Slip Lapstands

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These patented lap stands have the same No-Slip feature as the standard No-Slip Hoops and will enhance the enjoyment you receive while hand quilting or doing your needlepoint or cross stitch.  These Lap Stands are designed to elevate the project hoop above the lap allowing the user to have both hands free to work on the project.

The unique feature of this Lap Stand is that it is collapsible.  Each stand is composed of two hoops varying in size, held together by three (3) supporting rods which space the hoops 4 ½” apart.  Simply invert the Lap Stand to work with either sized hoop.

When the user desires to take the Lap Stand with them, it comes apart and stacks together for travel (or you may use each of the No-Slip Hoops separately, if desired).

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