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Emma Homent

Needlepoint Stitches Card Deck by Emma Homent

Needlepoint Stitches Card Deck by Emma Homent

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Learn 50 simple and decorative needlepoint stitches with this pretty and accessible card deck.
Find a new way to learn needlepoint with this card deck of 50 stitches to get you started!  In this unique card deck find step-by-step instructions to 50 simple and decorative stitches to up your needlepoint game. Always worked on an open-weave, grid-like canvas, even needlepoint's most decorative stitches are surprisingly easy. Each card shows the finished stitch and the all-important grid guide, with clear and concise instructions on how to do it, attractively designed and all presented in a neat and pretty box.
A perfect introduction to needlepoint for the absolute beginner, this deck showcases the stitches most commonly used in an easy to learn - and to refer back to - format. For more experienced stitchers, the deck is the perfect inspiration tool, making it easy to find a new stitch to incorporate into any project. The cards are robust enough to be tucked into a project bag, making stitching on-the-go easy and fun.
With a handy 16-page booklet providing beginner instructions and outlining what materials you'll need, the cards in this deck are designed to be taken out into the world, meaning you can learn on the go and making it easy to always have a project at hand. Presented in a wafer sealed box, the Needlepoint card deck contains all the information you would need to know to get started - just add materials, and away you go!

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