Madeira #60 Monofilament

Madeira Monofil #60, 200m Sewing And Quilting Thread, Transparent (Clear)

Fine transparent sewing thread for projects where you don't want stitches to be seen

Ideal for stitching appliques, quilting, topstitching, couching, attaching sequins, trims, beads, and more

Exceptionally high tensile strength

Ideal for fine to medium weight fabrics

Recommended needle: Sewing needle NM 75-80

  • Name: Monofil 60
  • Weight: No.60 — dtex 120
  • Art. No.: 9760
  • Use: Sewing, Quilting
  • Material: 100% Polyamid
  • Makeup: 200 m Snapspool

Category: applique, quilting

Type: Threads

Vendor: Madeira

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