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Londonderry 100/3 Linen Threads

Londonderry 100/3 Linen Threads

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Londonderry Linen Thread is produced from wet-spun, line linen. Unique and unusual is the availability of 5 different weights in a range of colors. Can be used on linen fabric for embroidery and counted thread work. Also, canvas work and hand quilting.

This thread has 3 plies, which should not be separated. Used for embroidery (particularly Hardanger), lace-making and book binding.  50/3 is the thickest to 100/3 which is the thinnest.  Please contact the shop if you'd like to order other colours.

  •   18/3 12 metres
  •   30/3 20 metres
  •   50/3 30 metres
  •   80/3 50 metres
  • 100/3 50 metres
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