Jane Hardy 1840 - A Little Gem by HATS

Nicola has generously made these gorgeous Little Gems available for download now via our store.  

Who can resist a red house sampler? Jane’s colourful sampler glows with good cheer. Contained within a stylised red carnation border is a delightful scene of a sturdy redbrick house surrounded by urns of fruit, four birds and auriculas. The parkland abounds with deer, two small dogs and an aristocratic cat with tail held high. The three chimneys, with smoke billowing, create a feeling of “home is where the hearth is” and adds to the overall feeling of warmth the sampler conveys. 

Janes’ charming sampler has been reproduced with a palette of eleven colours from Au Ver à Soie’s range of Soie 100.3. We have provided conversions for Soie d’Alger and DMC. Only one spool or skein of each colour is required if stitching on 40ct and higher. The thread quantities listed below are for 36ct fabric.

Jane  can be stitched either on Aida, Linaida or linen. The model was stitched on 53/63ct Legacy Linen in Gothic Ivory. The original sampler was stitch on linen a colour similar to DMC shades 712.

Soie 100.3           Soie d’Alger      DMC               Colour Description

 022                       524 x 2                 832 x 2                 Golden olive

038                        2643                     3340                     Apricot ~ medium

072                        5384                     503                       Blue green ~ medium

107                        2645 x 2               347 x 2                 Salmon ~ very dark

148                        2543                     3822                     Straw ~ light

217                        S3390                   950                       Desert sand ~ light

549                        1835                     987                       Forest green ~ dark

274                        3734                     3011                     Khaki green ~ dark

486                        1434                     931                       Antique blue ~ medium

557                        5113                     3041                     Antique violet ~ medium

746                        3823                     437                       Tan ~ light


The design area is 211 stitches (w) x 174 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 3″ margin for finishing and framing. If working on an uneven linen such as 53/63 we would recommend that you orientate your linen so that the lower count is on the horizontal.

28ct: Design: 15.07″ x 12.43″ Fabric: 21.07″ x 18.43″

30ct: Design: 14.07″ x 11.60″ Fabric: 20.07″ x 17.60″

32ct: Design: 13.19″ x 10.88″ Fabric: 19.19″ x 16.88″

36ct: Design: 11.72″ x 9.67″ Fabric: 17.72″ x 15.67″

40ct: Design: 10.55″ x 8.70″ Fabric: 16.55″ x 14.70″

46ct: Design: 9.17″ x 7.57″ Fabric: 15.17″ x 13.57″

56ct: Design: 7.54″ x 6.21″ Fabric: 13.54″ x 12.21″

53/63ct: Design: 7.96″ x 5.52″ Fabric: 13.96″ x 11.52″


Once purchased you will receive an email within 24 hours with the download attached and you can print it out yourself at home.  Please ensure your email is correct and you may need to check your junk/spam folder.

If you don't have access to a printer or would prefer a printed copy sent to you that option is available also.  Please choose Printed Copy and I'll print it on quality 120 gsm paper and send to you via Australia Post.  

We stock the Au Ver a Soie 100.3 & D'alger silks (building stock levels) and Legacy Linens.  If you'd like to kit the design please contact me on info@astitchintime.net.au and we can discuss your preferences.  

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