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Crewel Work Company

Jacobean Peacock Kit by The Crewel Work Company

Jacobean Peacock Kit by The Crewel Work Company

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The ‘Jacobean Peacock’, created from a design in Phillipa’s own collection, embraces 14 rich colours, 12 interesting stitches plus 6 variations of ‘quick and easy’ laid and couched work.

Perfect your Long & Short ‘soft shading’, enjoy Coral Stitch and learn where to use crewel stitches on your own designs.

Kit Includes: 
Ground fabric of 'Jacobean' pure linen twill printed with the design, 21 x Appletons crewel wools, 5 x needles, beads, stitch instruction booklet, 2 x A3 stitch charts, an A3 poster and our Essential Guide to Crewel Work booklet.

Design size: 
27 x  37½ cm (10½ x 15 inch)

Linen size:
47 x 57 cm (18½ x  22½ inch) 

Long & Short as 'soft shading', Crewel Stem, French Knots, Whipped Spider’s Web, Laid & Couched work, Coral, Feather, Detached Fly, Fern, Bayeux, Closed Fly and Satin Stitch

Presented in a beautiful sturdy box ready for gifting!

What's included in the kit: 

All of our Crewel Work kits feature the highest quality materials that authentically replicate those found in 16th and 17th century embroideries.

These include:
Specialist 'S' Twist Linen Twill Ground Fabric
- made to historic specifications
- minimum of 10 cm (3 inches) space on either side of the design

Depending on the kit, we use either Appletons Wools from England or hand-dyed Renaissance Wools from France
- full skeins or hanks, not strands!
- 2-ply

Printed material
- Full, bespoke instructions created by Phillipa Turnbull and carefully illustrated by our in-house artist Georgie. We take extra care to make sure we're by your side for each step of the process
- Stitch & Colour Chart to make sure you are in no doubt about where each colour and stitch type goes
- Essential Guide to Crewel Work Booklet - a specially created foundation guide for those who want to go over the basics from threading a needle to blocking your finished work.

Needles & beads
- Specialist for Crewel embroidery
- Gold-plated for single thread
- Polished nickle for double thread
- Beads (if your design has eyes!)

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