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Inspirations Issue 114 - Nature Walk

Inspirations Issue 114 - Nature Walk

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Including the work of two new contributors, projects in Inspirations issue 114 utilise a variety of raised embroidery and playful surface embroidery techniques to create beloved birds and animals in stitch, from realistic portrayals to sketch-like artworks and delightful, picture-book characters.

You will also discover beautiful Dresden whitework, used to work an exquisite heart design, and pulled and counted thread techniques used to create needlework accessories.

Featured Projects

'Inspirations Issue 114' features the following projects:

  • Jarrah & Grass Blue Butterfly by Denise Mackey
    Beautiful stumpwork study of the life-cycle of a butterfly on eucalypt stems
  • Bush Beauties by Melissa Horton
    Two Australian birds artfully depicted using a range of embroidery stitches
  • Little Brown Hen by Anna Scott
    Sweet hen and chicks in two projects utilising raised embroidery techniques
  • Dresden Lace by Mike Parr
    Graceful, whitework heart filled with flowers and leaves in Dresden embroidery
  • Rainbow Bee-eater by Wendy Innes
    Stumpwork panel with colourful bee-eater and sun orchids
  • Dream a Little Dream by Taetia McEwen
    Enchanting lampshade with characters dancing to the music of a frog band
  • Victorian Hearts by Kim Beamish
    Charming needlework accessories with pulled and counted thread techniques

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