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Kathy Barrick

Haunted - Cross Stitch Pattern by Kathy Barrick

Haunted - Cross Stitch Pattern by Kathy Barrick

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" Sometimes when I'm designing, I'm shocked at how large a piece turns out to be.  It's not intentional, but just kind of happens.  That was the case with Haunted.  It seemed to grow larger and larger all by itself!  So I consolidated the design bit and got it down to a more reasonable size.  Then decided I should do another version using my favorite parts of the original.  At one point I decided to do another smaller version with the tree as the focal, but I couldn't seem to make that one work well.  So there are two included with this pattern!"

The stitch count: Larger - 291 x 171 and Smaller - 161 x 171

Samplers were stitched on a 40 count Ancient Ruin (Larger) and 40 count Seaweed (Smaller) hand dyed linens from Fox & Rabbit and stitched with Needlepoint Silks.
DMC Conversion is included in the chart.

Smaller Sampler ~ Needlepoint Silks ~ 103, 843, 862, 863, 991BB, 993
Larger Sampler ~ Needlepoint Silks ~ 103, 135, 205, 311, 312, 315, 316, 476, 692, 693, 695, 721, 843, 851, 862, 963, 964, 966, 976, 988, 991BB, 992, 993

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