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Garden Box - Cross Stitch Pattern by Jeannette Douglas

Garden Box - Cross Stitch Pattern by Jeannette Douglas

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Soon it will be garden time and so we have another in the set of boxed pieces that fit in the shadow boxes like Christmas Box and Stitch Box. (available separately - limited amount available)

There are no specialty stitches in this pattern.  Design size is a  3 ½ x 4 on 32 ct. for the left sampler square with 2 smalls on the side and one long one on the bottom, which holds the ruler on the back. The theme this time is Garden, long overdue. It was stitched with hand dyed cottons, so there is no embellishment package, but there is a wool packet that has the small pieces of wool for backing, the ruler, the pins from puntinipuntini, buttons for the biscornu, like a little finishing packet. Each item is like a needle tool small and on the back holds things like scissors or needles or a ruler in the theme of the box. The template for this one is in the chart

DMC conversion available on pattern.

Wool Pack available to purchase separately


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