Falling Leaves - Cross-stitch Pattern by Mojo Stitches

I’ve extended the reach of my Bushland Quaker series, to celebrate the Autumn/Fall foliage that those living ‘Up North’ are lucky enough to enjoy. In this design, you’ll find a range of beautiful Fall leaves and some Northern Hemisphere critters playing in them. I hope it reminds you of cooling days, dazzling hues and crunchy leaves underfoot.

This design has a stitch count of 142w x 178h and only uses full crosses over two. In my model, I used one strand of floss over two threads of linen. It is suitable for beginners to advanced stitchers, and can be stitched on Aida, linen or evenweave of any count that you prefer.

Model stitched on 36-count ‘Weak Tea’ by JaysXStitch and uses hand-dyed Cottage Garden Threads.

Model Stitch: Cottage Garden Threads (CGT) & DMC with a Full DMC Conversion and an  Approximate Overdyed Cotton Conversion:

CGT 705 Burgundy or DMC 902 or Classic Colorworks Bandana

DMC 3721 or Classic Colorworks Barn Door

CGT AK8 Bart or DMC 920 or Weeks Dye Works Sweet Potato

CGT 307 Dandelion or DMC 781 or Classic Colorworks Autumn Spice

CGT LM9 Marigold or DMC 3852 or WDW Amber

DMC 936 or WDW Collards

DMC 732 or Classic Colorworks Bean Sprout

DMC 3031 or Gentle Arts Adzuki

CGT 306 Blackwood or DMC 632 or WDW Hazelnut

CGT 1907 Pebble or DMC 435/436/437 or WDW Pecan

DMC 738  or Gentle Arts Straw Bonnet

CGT 808 Latte or DMC 451 or WDW Porpoise

DMC 453 or Gentle Arts Antique Lace

Thread Pack is optional and can be purchased separately -

full skeins of each colour

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