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The Floss Queen

Eliza Martha Linfoot - Needlework Accessories

Eliza Martha Linfoot - Needlework Accessories

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Limited edition accessories to go with the HATS design, Eliza Martha Linfoot.  

Laser engraved acrylic accessories made by Cathe Ray of Needle In a Haystack (aka The Floss Queen).

Cathe designed accessories using motifs from the sampler. The color of acrylic is Copper Pearl, which coordinates with the fabric.  

4" ruler 
1.75" needle-minder 
3" corner gauge 
30 holes thread-keep 

You can write on acrylic with a fine tip Sharpie. To remove the writing use a tiny amount of alcohol on a cotton swab. Do not use too much alcohol as it can cause acrylic to get fine lines in it (called crazing).

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