DMC Coton a Broder

We stock a limited range of these however are happy to take special orders, please email or call the shop for a special order

100% cotton made in France, 20m skeins

Coton a Broder comes in various weights (or thicknesses), and these are indicated by number. The higher the number, the finer the thread. DMC Coton a Broder comes in sizes - from No. 16 up to No. 30 - but No. 25 is perhaps the most popular size

What makes coton a broder different from regular floss? First, it is a non-divisible thread, which means that you stitch with one strand as it comes off the skein – you don’t split it up. It’s a 5-ply twisted thread (each individual thread is made up of 5 plies of cotton that are twisted together to make the one thread), and this makes it a round (though fine) thread, and quite soft.

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