Dancing With Your Heart ~ Cross Stitch Design by Nicola Parkman

Nicola has generously made these gorgeous Little Gems available for download now via our store.  The PDF will be emailed to you within 24 hours or you can choose a printed, spiral bound booklet to be posted

An original design. Dancing With Your Heart was inspired by a sampler in Nicola’s private collection and has been designed as a small sampler that can be framed.

The stitches used in the design are cross stitch over two threads of linen, back stitch or double running stitch, and French knots. Small beads could be used instead of French knots. The little sampler was stitched with a palette of fifteen colours from DMC. We have provided a conversion for Soie d’Alger from Au Ver à Soie. 

Thread Legend

The little sampler was stitched with a palette of fifteen colours from DMC. We have provided a conversion for Soie d’Alger from Au Ver à Soie. You will only require one skein of each colour.

DMC /  Soie d’Alger  ~ Colour Description

029  5115  ~ Eggplant

310  Noir  ~ Black

347  2645  ~ Salmon ~ very dark

597  1723  ~ Turquoise

730  2226   ~ Olive green ~ very dark

733  2224  ~ Olive green ~ medium

829  3745  ~ Golden olive ~ very dark

832  524  ~ Golden olive

890  1836  ~ Pistachio green ~ ultra dark

924  1746  ~ Grey green ~ very dark

927  2756  ~ Grey green ~ light

950  S2928  ~ Desert sand ~ light

3712  4622  ~ Salmon ~ medium

3776  4543  ~ Mahogany ~ light

3855  4223  ~ Autumn gold ~ light

Linen Sizes

The sampler was stitched using 37ct Legacy Linen in Wild Honey. The design is suitable for stitching on Aida, Linaida, or linen. We recommend that you should use a count and fabric that you enjoy working with.

The design area for the sampler is 106 stitches (w) x 116 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 2″ margin for finishing as a drum.

14ct Aida/28ct linen: Design: 14.86″ x 6.07″ Fabric: 18.86″ x 10.07″

16ct Aida/32ct linen: Design: 13.00″ x 5.31″ Fabric: 17.00″ x 9.31″

18ct Aida/36ct linen: Design: 11.56″ x 4.72″ Fabric: 15.56″ x 8.72″

20ct Aida/40ct linen: Design: 10.4″ x 4.25″ Fabric: 14.4″ x 8.25″

Two sides are required to make one tambourine. The design area of one side is 15 stitches (w) x 15 stitches (h). Each side requires a 2” margin for finishing. The sizes given below are for one side of the tambourine.

14ct Aida/28ct linen: Design: 1.07″ x 1.07″ Fabric: 5.07″ x 5.07″

16ct Aida/32ct linen: Design: 0.94″ x 0.94″ Fabric: 4.94″ x 4.94″

18ct Aida/36ct linen: Design: 0.83″ x 0.83″ Fabric: 4.83″ x 4.83″

20ct Aida/40ct linen: Design: 0.75″ x 0.75″ Fabric: 4.75″ x 4.75″

The design area for the drum top is 51 stitches (w) x 51 stitches (h). The top requires a 2” margin for finishing.

14ct Aida/28ct linen: Design: 3.64″ x 3.64″ Fabric: 7.64″ x 7.64″

16ct Aida/32ct linen: Design: 3.19″ x 3.19″ Fabric: 7.19″ x 7.19″

18ct Aida/36ct linen: Design: 2.83″ x 2.83″ Fabric: 6.83″ x 6.83″

20ct Aida/40ct linen: Design: 2.55″ x 2.55″ Fabric: 6.55″ x 6.55″

For PDF: Once purchased you will receive an email within 24 hours with the download attached and you can print it out yourself at home. (please allow an extra 24 hours if purchased over the weekend)  Please ensure your email is correct and you may need to check your junk/spam folder.

We stock the Au Ver a Soie 100.3 & D'alger silks and Legacy Linens.  If you'd like to kit the design please contact me on info@astitchintime.net.au and we can discuss your preferences.  

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