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Cohana Marking/Counting Pins - Pack of 3

Cohana Marking/Counting Pins - Pack of 3

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“Ohajiki” are pieces used in a game that has been played in Japan since ancient times. These marking pins are made using beautiful Ohajiki that evoke nostalgia. All of the little Ohajiki, which are colored in gentle shades, are lovely, and the needles are carefully made one at a time in order to make your work more enjoyable.

They are produced by Plants Beads Works. Having been drawn into the world of glasswork, in which every experience only happens once in a lifetime, established a glass workshop in Kokubunji, Tokyo in 2011. Became engrossed in Ohajiki, which people have been fond of as an amulet since long ago, while creating various forms of glasswork. Presently, production takes place through trial-and-error with a focus on original Ohajiki. The distinctive delicate patterns and textures of Ohajiki, which are created from glass that changes its appearance at every moment in the fire, are truly the result of artisanship. In order to pass through the fabric smoothly, needles from Hiroshima, which is well-known as a production area of needles, are used. Includes 3.

※Each item is produced by hand and each item may have a different size and pattern.

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