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Botanica - Book by Julie Kniedl

Botanica - Book by Julie Kniedl

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Discover and learn this innovative, three-dimensional embroidery style and create spectacular botanical pieces.

This stunning book includes 12 projects, all using simple stitches and a handful of techniques to create elegant and realistic interpretations of natural subjects.

Each piece is captured with stunning photography and detailed instructions are provided for every step.

Featured Projects

'Botanica | The three-dimensional embroidery of Julie Kniedl' features the following projects:

  • Cauliflower
    A cute little cauliflower, stitched with wool threads to create a perfect pincushion.
  • Pear
    A plump, juicy pear, worked in shades of olive green and chestnut.
  • Fig
    Two ripening figs, resting on a fig leaf platter.
  • Grapes
    A bunch of fresh, green grapes, complete with a grape leaf.
  • Gingko
    An elegant twig of dainty, fan-shaped leaves.
  • Cherries
    Four luscious red cherries with a bright green leaf.
  • Briar Rose
    Amazing lifelike study of a pink rose.
  • Camellia
    A stylish red flower, buds and contrasting leaves.
  • Golden Wattle
    A graceful stem with fluffy yellow flowers, leaves and plump buds.
  • Lemon
    Delicate, waxy flowers contrast with the ripe, yellow citrus fruit.
  • Succulent Spool
    Stunning succulents displayed on a wooden spool.
  • Coastal Banksia
    Stunning seed pod and leaves of a banksia.
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