Au Ver a Soie Trebizond

Trebizond Twisted Silk Thread 

Available in 10 Meters
Entire Assortment 189 colors - we stock limited colours but are happy to order in any colour you require.  Please email to order

- 3 ply Filament silk
- Glossy, lustrous and shimmery it is designed and manufactured to cover tent stitch on 18 mesh canvas.
- If you say the word "silk" to the non-embroiderer this is what they think it should look like.
- Range has a unique color palette not found in other thread lines.
- Excellent choice for a beginning needlepointer as it is gratifying to see how pretty even basketweave stitch looks.
- Size is between a #3 and #5 Pearl cotton.
- Before stitching, pinch the thread at the beginning, and pull it through your fingers. This relaxes both you and the thread.
- Too prevent untwisting, make sure the eye of the needle is consistently facing you as you stitch.
- Plies can be separated and recombined to produce a "watery" effect in satin stitches.
- Can be used as is on 13 or 18 mesh canvas.
- Permanently marked spool means you always know what color you have.

Category: Embroidery, silk, Threads

Type: Threads

Vendor: Access Commodities

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