Au Ver a Soie - Soie Perlee

Au Ver À Soie ®, Soie Perlee is a twisted 3 ply filament silk.
• Soie Perlee has a different color number system than Au Ver À Soie ®, Soie d’Alger.
• Soie Perlee has different colors that Soie d’Alger which greatly enlarges the range of shades of silk available to over 1000 different colors.
• The weight of Soie Perlee is not comparable to anything else in the industry. We have found that unlike perle cotton, Soie Perlee expands to fill the area when using a light tension.
• The top and bottom of the spools lift up for ease in securing the thread.

Thread Applications

• Soie Perlee is perfect for cross stitch on linen. It is particularly nice to use in contrast with Soie d’Alger, in the same design----one thread having a high sheen, the other a soft luster.
• Soie Perlee is much more durable for canvas work, compared to cotton perle threads that lose their sheen quickly. The sheen of Soie Perlee is of a more permanent nature.
• Looking for a lot of light play in hardanger or pulled thread work? Soie Perlee adds an elegance that has not been achievable in the past.
• Soie Perlee makes the most beautiful cording and tassels for needlework finishing.
• We like Soie Perlee doubled for 18 count canvas tent stitch.


We stock a limited range of colours but we are happy to take special orders.  Please email or call us.

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