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Sue Spargo

Allium Spool Sac - Pattern by Sue Spargo

Allium Spool Sac - Pattern by Sue Spargo

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Size: Closed- 14" x 15-1/2" Base: 4-1/2" x 14"

Months in the making, this specialized sac was designed specifically to store Razzle, Dazzle and Eleganza threads. A unique wool pieced applique adorns the front, with tastefully simple embellishment stitchery for added interest. The sturdy wool cover is stabilized with soft and stable allowing three full Clear Allium Spool Sac Zippered Pouches to comfortably nest inside the sac. Each pouch has six zippered compartments (three on the front, three on the back), allowing the storage of approximately 72 spools of thread. The clear compartments allow you to quickly locate threads which may be organized by color, number and or size. The base of each pouch is lined with heavy duty velcro, enabling the pouches to be secured inside your Allium Spool Sac. 

Creative Stitching book (sold separately) is needed for embroidery stitch instruction.

"Images provided by Sue Spargo"

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