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Ackworth Friendship Book - Cross Stitch Pattern by Ellen Chester

Ackworth Friendship Book - Cross Stitch Pattern by Ellen Chester

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The Ackworth Friendship Book is an accordion-style book of Quaker motifs from Ackworth School in northern England.  There are 10 stitched pages.  Each set of pages forms a pocket in which you can store special treasures.

On my model, I stitched the front and back book covers, and eight of my friends each stitched a page and "signed" her page with her initials.  You can do the same or else stitch the entire book yourself - Ellen Chester.

The model was stitched on 36-count Maple Sugar from Lakeside Linens, Inc. using  one ply of Milady's Teal from Crescent Colours.  The design requires 6 x 5-yard skeins if stitched with one ply of thread like the model.  The model also uses 12-mm Arctic Ice Dark silk satin ribbon from Gloriana Threads (1 yard for the book and 2 yards for the bag).

Stitches used:  cross stitch and backstitch.  (On the model, all stitching was done over two linen threads.)

Stitching directions, charts, and detailed assembly instructions for both the book and a carrying bag are included.

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