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28 Count Cashel Linen - Natural/Raw

28 Count Cashel Linen - Natural/Raw

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100% Linen, Genuine Top Quality Zweigart Fabric. Woven from the finest quality flax. When worked over two threads, this linen is the equivalent to 14 count Aida.

All linen evenweave fabrics are easy to count and thus suitable also for counted embroidery techniques. They are usually straight and square in weave and have a clear surface, so that warp and weft thread count is exactly the same.
Each warp and each weft thread is alternately on top and bottom for plain weaves. Nearly all ZWEIGART® linen evenweaves are equipped with a firm finish, which makes is much easier to embroider without using a frame. Our linen evenweave fabrics are known for premium quality due to the use of the best linen fibres available on the market.

Available in either full width (140cm) or half width (70cm)

Our minimum cut is 30cm, we then sell in 10cm increments up to 1 metre. For larger sizes, please contact us.

Zweigart #3281.53 Natural/Raw

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