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14 count Aida - Gridded

14 count Aida - Gridded

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Zweigart's Classic fabric for cross stitch embroideries. The distinctive weave of this fabric creates small corner holes that make counting easy.  Perfect for full coverage projects

The gray grid marks every 10th thread. The grid will wash out with warm water (test first before stitching), but this fabric is especially nice for full coverage stitching so you don't have to be concerned about the grid washing out. Normally Zweigart recommends 40°C (104F) and 40 minutes in the washing machine. And when there is still some grid, to wash it again. Important is that it is washed in the washing machine and not by hand. 

Zweigart Aidas and Luganas can also be washed with 60°C (140F).

Available in either 110cm width (full width) or 55cm width (half width)  Minimum cut is 30cm then sold in 10cm increments up to 1 metre, for larger cuts please contact us.

Zweigart #100 White

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