Tropical Garden Sampler Chart & Accessory Pack


This lush tropical garden celebrates those relaxed moments under the shade of tall palm trees. Stitched using gorgeous silk flosses and overdyed silk on a tropical green linen, this warm sunny garden sampler is a luscious addition to the Victorian Garden series. As you walk into the flower garden at the bottom of the sampler, you’ll find our gardeners resting in the shade, enjoying the fruits of their labour in their beautiful garden. They are cooling off with some tropical fruity drink and watching the birds and enjoying the ocean breezes. Then a bed of silk ribbon yellow hibiscus flowers lead to a birdbath where some multi coloured tropical birds cool off, and a parrot and flamingo look on beside the azure sea. Walking past the tropical fish pond, you see a beautiful waterfall and sailboat sailing past their sandy beach by the ocean.

This Learning Sampler is perfect for the beginning through intermediate specialty stitcher. You will practice some lovely specialty stitches such as Lazy Daisies, Cross Stitches, Backstitches, Satin Stitches, Plait Stitch, Modified Arrowhead, Feather Stitches, French Knots, Diamond Eyelets, Spring Stitches and Pulled Pin stitches. Take some time to smell the salty sea air, and stitch your way through this serene and delightful tropical garden as you dream of your holiday paradise! - Thea

  • Design Area: 30w x 111h (2 .1" wide x 8" high)
  • Model: 28ct Cashel Linen - Miracle Mint:
  • Cut fabric: 8" wide X 14" high for framing (6” wide X 14” high for bellpull)

Accessory Pack


  • Gloriana silk #019 “Tropical Seas” - multi turquoise
  • Access Au ver a Soie #3843 - grey dk
  • Access Au ver a Soie #3341 - taupe
  • Access Au ver a Soie #1834 - green med
  • Access Au ver a Soie #3725 - green dk
  • Access Au ver a Soie #3011 - pink
  • Access Au ver a Soie #3014 - hot pink
  • Kreinik Mori #1113 - coral dk
  • Kreinik Mori #8000 - white


  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads “Peacock” - blue greys
  • Access Au ver a Soie #2532 - yellow
  • Kreinik Mori #0304 - flesh
  • Kreinik Mori #1114 - red
  • Kreinik Mori #6116 - fuchia
  • Kreinik Mori #7014 - golden tan
  • Kreinik Mori #8050 - black
  • YLI 4mm silk ribbon #015 - yellow
  • YLI 4mm silk ribbon #033 - green


  • SJ Designs petite beads #1876 - blue
  • Mill Hill petite beads #40479 - white
  • Mill Hill seed beads #2024 - mauve

Additional Materials Needed:

  • Zweigart 28ct Cashel Linen - 'Miracle Mint'  
  • #24 tapestry needle
  • #10 short beading needle

Sorting Threads in your Accessory Pack

Remember to sort in daylight near a window, not under artificial light indoors, as the colours change with the colour of the light bulbs we use. Each floss has a different number of strands in each thread length. This helps you differentiate the different colours in your pack. Needlepoint Inc. silk floss has 8 strands per length The Kreinik Mori has 6 strands per length The Gloriana Overdyed Silk has 12 thin strands per length. Dinky Dyes has 6 strands per length. FYI: We noticed that some colours have been divided into two lengths. This can happen if a colour requires 1.5 yards. Our kitmaker might include one 1 yard length and one 0.5 yard length, so don't get confused if one colour has more than one length of thread. We hope this extra information will help you sort your threads more easily!

Stitches used in this Sampler:

  • Cross Stitch
  • Backstitch
  • Modified Arrow Stitch
  • Straight Stitch
  • Spring Stitch
  • French Knot
  • Feather Stitch
  • Lazy Daisy Stitch
  • Satin Stitch
  • Pulled Satin Pins
  • Plait Stitch
  • Beadwork
  • Diamond Eyelet Stitch
  • Japanese Ribbon Stitch
  • Four Sided Stitch
  • Cross Stitch over ONE fabric thread 

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