Sarah Braizear 1829

The 2018 Queen of May has arrived in Tasmania.

May Day and the crowning of the Queen of the May has deep mythological roots in English culture going back to our European ancestors and even to the ancient Classical world. The May Queen was chosen, for her beauty, from the pretty girls of the village to reign over the May Day festivities. Crowned on a flower covered throne, she was drawn in a decorated cart by young men or her maids of honour to the village green where she was set in an arbour of flowers. Through the ages it has been many a young girl’s dream to be chosen as the May Queen and today it is still considered to be a great honour to be crowned the Queen of the May. Each year Hands Across the Sea Samplers will be choosing a sampler from our collection which we consider to be not only beautiful but outstandingly so and worthy to be crowned our Queen of the May.

We are pleased to present to you Sarah Braizear 1829 our Queen of the May for the year 2018 ~ a 44 page limited edition release celebrating the Kings and Queen of Great Britain


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