Old McDonald's Farm

Chart & Accessory Pack

Old McDonald had a Farm, ee-aye ee-aye ohhhh... ” - Children’s song

There are so many wonderful small family farms near my home, and I wanted to depict a typical small farm with many different animals. Old McDonald’s Farm is a companion to the Pumpkin Patch Farm, Babe’s Honey Farm, Ravenhill Farm, Oldfield Orchard Farm, Strawberry Fields Farm and Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm. This latest Farm Sampler honours a simple multi-purpose farm called McDonald’s farm, located near where I live on Vancouver Island. At the top of the Sampler you’ll find McDonald himself standing near his house with the dog that goes “woof - woof”. His farm hand is bringing hay to the cows, and feed to the sheep, while the pigs and goats contentedly playing nearby. Below you can see his daughter has ridden her horsie to the pond where the ducks are “quack - quacking”. At the bottom of the sampler are his wife feeding the chickens and hens, a few birds and another cow gently moo-ing in the paddock. Fun for your kids and yourself, enjoy stitching this new Farm Sampler!

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