Mystic Christmas Sampler

“There comes a ship far sailing then... Saint Michael was the stieres-man, Saint John sate in the horn. Our Lord harped and Lady sang and all the bells of heaven they rang..On Christ’s Sonday at morn”Submit

Love Christmas Carols? Have a look at this lovely seafaring Christmas Sampler. This beautiful sampler is inspired by the earliest printed version of our modern Christmas Carol, “I Saw Three Ships”! A snowy winter sampler includes the words from the 17th century, perhaps from Derbyshire, England although many versions of this carol were sung since then. I love the references to the three ships, the Lord and Lady of the manor, the bells of all the churches ringing on Christ’s birthday. All are reflected in the motifs in this unusual sampler! You’ll be stitching with a wide variety of threads, including perle cottons, three different overdyed silk flosses and loads of solid silk flosses. I’ve included at least seven different colours of sparkling beads. At the top is a scene showing one of the tall masted sailing ships lying alongside the pier. Below there are Scotch Stitches, drawn thread stitches, and Arrow Stitches. A beautiful Compass Rose highlights the middle section.. along with a charming band showing all three ships decorated with sparkling lights as they might during todays’ Christmas Sailpast. There is another band of Bargello waves, and a  small petit point medallion showing the Lord playing his harp and the Lady singing the carol. Alongside you will find Single Cross Eyelets, more drawn thread. At the bottom there’s a rendition of the old Mystic town, with tall buildings close to the water, and the church where the bells ring on Christ’s morn.  Bargello waves and an optional band of Hardanger completes this sampler. What a wonderful sampler! You’re going to love stitching this wonderful historical carol from the seventeenth and eighteen centuries, a depiction of a seaport, plus some interesting specialty stitches. – Thea

The Main Accessory Pack is included with the chart.

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