Surprising Finds...

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Mary-Anne Tiller

I have promised myself that now that the website is up & running that I would spend each Friday afternoon going through a basket of charts and make sure that its contents were included on the website.  Today, Friday 25th October was my first chance at this noble ambition...I chose the Mirabilia/Nora Corbett basket.

Nora Corbett (aka Mirabilia Designs) is one of the most popular designers of embellished cross stitch designs.  Her recent design "Persephone" personifies her design philosophy, beautiful ladies dressed in elaborately draped gowns in a gorgeous setting.  What you can't see from this image is the layering of metallic thread and beads that give the designs the glitter & glamour that attracts such a following.  If you are ever in the shop the Mermaid hanging behind the counter is one of her designs.

Suffice to say that the demand for her patterns is endless, so imagine my surprise to find in the midst of the 100 or so charts, one sole remainder of my initial stock from way back when....Crescent Dreams.... dating from 1997!!  Way before the incarnation of A Stitch in fact I am wondering where it came from as I really can't remember buying it.  The next surprise was found face down on the bottom of the basket   I'm so sorry, Lady, I didn't really mean to be disrespectful, but at least I have restored to your rightful place, upright & in numerical order.   Did I mention I am an accountant in another life?  Cherub-like babies, beautiful women and the Lady, have been filed, listed, annotated and added to the website.   Go and have a look under "Mirabilia" in the catalogue and enjoy.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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