A new addition to the A Stitch in Time family

Posted on November 20, 2013 by Mary-Anne Tiller

Those of you who have come into the brick & mortar shop in Sandy Bay have met my 4-legged companions, Boof the gentle German Shepherd and Sassy the adorable Pembroke corgi.  Unfortunately back in August we lost Boof, he was 14 years old, stiff & slow, but we missed him terribly, as did Sassy his doggy sister.  Here they are last summer at the dog beach in Kingston, Tasmania.

So, being dog lovers, my partner & I discussed another Shepherd, a Bernese mountain dog got serious consideration.  Then out of the blue came a phone call from a lovely lady who had been told that we maybe looking for a corgi & she had a male, 4 month old, black & white Cardigan corgi, would we be interested?  My response was "Yes!", of course, my partner's was a more considered "Perhaps".

Off we went to be vetted by the breeder, to meet the puppy and to introduce Sassy to her potential brother.  All went well, we were approved, Sassy sort of approved in a big sister almost tolerant way and my partner fell in love....so here he is, Oscar, the latest 4-legged furry in our clan!